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Wave Tool LLC provides a full line of milling solutions. Each insert and social carbide cutter have different grade and coating combinations for all applications. Indexable inserts range from .375″-1.250″ and 10mm-32mm. Round tooling sizes range from 1.5″ OAL – 12″ OAL, .030″Ø-1.250Ø”.

Specials can always be made upon request!

ball nose flat tapered shank holder

Ball nose and flat tapered shank holder for better rigidy!

4.00″, 6.00″, and 8.00″ OAL.

.625″ shank – .500″ insert
.750″ shank – .625″ insert
1.00″ shank – .750″ insert
1.250″ shank – 1.00″ insert

standard ball nose flat steel holders

Standard ball nose and flat steel holders.

4.00″, 6.00″ and 8.00″ OAL.

Metric range: 10mm – 32mm. Standard range: .375″ – 1.250″.

flat ball nose modular heads

Save time and money using flat and ball nose modular heads with heavy metal arbor!

4.00″, 6.00″, 8.00″ OAL.

Metric range: 10mm – 32mm. Standard range: .375″ – 1.250″.



This is the work horse of ball nose inserts. Great for light roughing / finishing in most mold & die and forging steels.



Ideal for light finishing at higher RPMs and feed rates in most mold & die steel up to 45 rc. Polished fluting for extended edge and flawless finish.



High helix grind designed for applications in aluminum and other non-ferrous material. Special coating to prevent material build-up on cutting edge. Optional edge prep for cutting stainless and other exotic materials.



Perfect for profile milling of vertical walls and flat surface work at the bottom of the wall. Multiple corner radii available to fit your application. Special radii available upon request!



For those times where corner radius milling is needed without going up against a vertical wall. Sidewinder can be re-sharpened without losing diameter for additional user before replacement.



Designed to make a big move/stepover! Used in applications with minimal contours and open flat surfaces where a large stepover is needed without leaving a scallop. A big time saver!



Combination of Backlash and Sidewinder. Ideal for profile milling but with a wiper to allow a larger step down without leaving a scallop. Can also be re-sharpened without losing diameter.



Benefits of the Wipeout and helical geometry to create the best vertical profiler for light finishing. Multiple radii available upon request!



The ultimate high feed insert. Perfect for high speed machining with small diameter tooling when shell mills are too large.



Chamfer insert for profile tracing and various counter sinks. Stock items include .500″-1.250″ inserts with 30°, 45°, and 60° included angles. Special angles can be made upon request!



Spot Drill and Chamfer insert in one to save time! Stock items include .500″ – 1.250″ inserts with 82°, 90°, 118°, 120°, and 140° included angles. Special angles can be made upon request!



Radial Profile or Tracing insert to efficiently form radii! Any radii you need can be made upon request!

solid carbide end mill cutters

Solid Carbide End Mill Cutters

3 & 4 flute with various radii, shank Ø, and cutting Ø on the shelf! Tapered and straight shank available! Specials made upon request!

solid carbide ball nose end mills

Solid Carbide Ball Nose End Mills

2 Flute straight and tapered shanks with multiple sizes on the shelf! Specials made upon request!

button cutter inserts for roughing

Button Cutter Inserts for Roughing

RPMT, RPMW and RDHW style inserts are on the shelf! 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm.

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